Scheduled Service

We have several different service schedules you can request depending on your scales needs.

We offer 30, 60, 90, 120, 180, and 365 day service on your scales. Once you sign up for one of these options to have your scale put on a regular service we will make sure that they are serviced accordingly.

All scales require preventative maintenance to keep the emergency service and repairs down. With the preventative maintenance on your scales our technicians are trained to look for possible problems that may be imminent and offer you the chance to repair it before it completely fails.

If your scale does need to have emergency service because it is no longer operational we would put you at the highest priority. That would mean that if we had a technician free he would head straight to your location. If our technicians were on jobs, as soon as they were done they would head to your location barring that another client was not also not operational.

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